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Have You Seen YouToons Explain the Health Reform Law?

Health Reform Hits Main Street, an animated short video from the Kaiser Family Foundation, features the YouToons explaining the health reform law to an American public still confused by how it works. Have you seen it? The short movie has three major sections: explaining problems in the current health care system, short-term changes that will take place between now and 2014, and major provisions that will take effect in 2014.

Source: “Health Reform Hits Mainstreet,” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, accessed 2.3.14, URL.

Written and produced by the Foundation, the animated movie features narration by Cokie Roberts, ABC News and NPR news commentator and a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and is part of Kaiser’s new Health Reform Source, an online gateway providing easy access to new and comprehensive resources on the health reform law.

Visit the Health Reform Source online for other new features and tools including an interactive timeline showing when health reform provisions take effect, the latest polling data, short videos with Foundation experts answering specific questions about the law on a variety of health policy topics, links to other information resources, the latest headlines on health reform from Kaiser Health News, and FAQs about the new law.

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