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The MO Bar publication explains a conservator as an individual or a corporation that has been appointed by the court to manage the finances of a person who is disabled.

This site is a part of the University of Missouri’s website which provides information to Missouri grandparents raising grandchildren.

A guardian is an individual that has been appointed by the court to have custody of an person who has been found to be legally incompetent. The Missouri Bar explains incapacity, who can be appointed as a guardian, duties, effects of guardianship on a person’s rights, how to initiate and termination procedures.

Public Administrators
A Public Administrator is an elected county official that the probate court may appoint to serve as guardian and/or conservator for persons the court has determined to be incapacitated and no family or other person is available to assume this role. More information on guardianship and conservatorship is provided on the MO Association of Public Administrator’s website.

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