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Health and Insurance


Advance Directives and Living Wills
Statements that allow a person to indicate certain medical treatments that they choose to be withheld or withdrawn under certain circumstances.   The MO Bar provides information on how these documents can be made, their limitations, accessibility and revocation.

CLAIMA nonprofit organization that provides trained volunteers to provide free Medicare counseling in their local communities.  The website also addresses Medicare basics and contact information.

Division of Assets
Offers information for nursing home residents and recipients of home and community based services allowing a portion of the individual’s assets to be set aside for a spouse, including information on allotment of income and eligibility  (MO Department of Social Services)

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
A legal document that allows a person to express their wishes for healthcare and appoint someone to carry out those wishes should the person become unable to direct his/her own care.  The MO Bar provides information about durable power of attorneys for healthcare and a downloadable form.

The MO Protection and Advocacy provides information on various types of insurance, including auto, home/property, workers compensation, public and private health insurance and life insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance
Information and a planning guide for long term care.

The program provides medical services to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements.  The MO Department of Social Services provides information on these requirements, who automatically qualifies, services provided and how to obtain services.  (MO Department of Social Services)

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides information on Medicare eligibility, coverage, comparisons of health and drug plans, long-term care planning, comparisons of local home health and nursing facilities and locates medical equipment suppliers in your area.

Medicare Advantage Plans
The U.S. Government provides information on Medicare health plan options and allows the comparison of coverage and limitations of these options and other plans.

Medicare Part D
The U.S. Government provides information regarding Medicare part D, including the various plans that offer drug coverage, eligibility and enrollment.

Medicare Part D – List of Missouri Plans
The U.S. Government provides a tool to search drug and health plans offered in your area.

MO Rx is Missouri’s State Pharmacy Assistance Program which provides prescription drug assistance by coordinating benefits with Medicare Part D.

Nursing Homes and Other Care Options
The Department of Health and Senior Services offers information on how to choose a nursing home, laws and regulations governing nursing homes, and the ability to register a complaint.

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