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Check a CharityInformation is provided by the Attorney General on charity organizations regarding how and where they spend their money and if they serve Missouri residents.

Consumer ProtectionThe Attorney General allows consumer complaints to be filed online or by mail and provides a toll-free hotline:  1-800-392-8222.  The “Know MO” site provides a means of checking on businesses prior to making purchases of goods or services.

Elder Abuse
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is mandated to receive and investigate reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation of seniors and adults with disabilities living in the community or in a facility and complaints. The Elder Abuse hotline is a toll-free number and is available to receive calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 1-800-392-0210

Fraud & ScamsThe Attorney General’s Office handles cases of home repair fraud, door-to-door sales, travel scams, telemarketing and medicaid fraud.

Identity TheftThe Attorney General’s website defines identity theft, offers suggestions for protection, how to obtain or freeze a credit report, and what steps victims can take.

Investment/Securities Fraud
The Secretary of State’s Senior Investment Fraud Unit provides information and investigates complaints of investment fraud. A complaint form is available at this website.

The Missourians Stopping Adult Financial Exploitation (MOSAFE) program provides education to financial institution employees, seniors and adults with disabilities on the crime of financial exploitation and offers tips to protect the individual’s money.

National Do-Not-Call ListThis national list stops unwanted telemarketer calls by allowing online sign up and complaint registration.

Missouri No Call ListThe Attorney General’s No Call List helps stop unwanted telemarketer calls. This site allows MO citizens the opportunity to sign up for the list or file a complaint on suspected violations.

Missouri Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Volunteers work with seniors in nursing homes and residential care facilities to address their complaints or problems.

Safe At Home
This program offered through the Secretary of State’s Office assists victims of domestic violence or sexual assault by providing a designated address that a victim can use for court and other public and private agencies that will limit an assailant’s ability to discover the current location of the victim.

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